How To Make Herb Marinated Chicken

A delicious chicken recipe- herb marinated chicken

There are various kinds of chicken recipes. Chicken is one of the most used food item in the world of today. Chicken chilli, chicken stew, chicken fry, chicken soup is some of the varieties of chicken. This is one of the healthy food .there are various advantage in eating chicken, it give your proteins and vitamins, it gives your body fat and calories. People cook chicken in different styles and with different flavour. The flavours of chicken vary from one country to another country. Here is one of the recipes of chicken, an herb marinated chicken.


Chicken – an important food

The chicken has high protein which is good for the growth of muscles and bones. If you want to build your muscles then you have to include more proteins in your diet. It support with healthy weight for your body and also prevent bone loss. This also helps in your body résistance. If you are wondering about how to prepare this dish then you can relax, here is a simple recipe to cook this food. This is one of the Italian foods which have a nice flavour. We can even get this food item from the outside market. But sometimes it may not be hygienic and safe to eat. Preparing the foods in your home is a healthy way to keep your body away from diseases.


Steps for preparation

For preparing this dish you need organic ingredients which are not harmful for your health. The ingredients for this dish include virgin olive oil, garlic, fresh basil, fresh parse leaves, fresh mint leaves and chicken breast pieces. You can prepare this dish within 20 minutes. First, you have to take a bowl and mix all the ingredients except the chicken. Mix well, then add the chicken breast tenders into the mix and cover the top of the bowl with a foil paper.


Keep this into the freezer for carination. Let this be in the freezer for 1 to 2 hours. Once you have taken the marinated chicken from the fridge you can sprinkle it with salt and pepper that will add taste and spice to your receipe.fry this chicken pieces using a pan in medium to high flame. You can cook to 3 -5 minutes for each side until it becomes a golden brown colour. When the juice is absorbed by the chicken and there is a change in the colour then it is perfectly cooked. A healthy chicken recipe is ready for your dinner table. You can serve herb marinated chicken with fresh sauce.


There are wide varieties of chicken recipes’ herb marinated chicken is good for the body as herbs are natural leaves which acts as medications to our body. No artificial contents are added to the recipe which makes it fresh and healthy. This will be a perfect dish for your dinner table and your family will enjoy eating this food. As chicken has high nutritional value, it has to be included in your diet.