Classic Chocolate Martini

Classic chocolate martini for all age group

Chocolate is the interesting thing that is loved by the children. Even the people in all age group will like to eat the chocolates. Dark chocolates are considered as the best form of the chocolate in which it is good for health. The sweetness that is in the dark chocolate is less. The dark chocolates are available in the markets so that the person needs not to search in many places. It is available in all shops. The people are using the dark chocolates in the desserts and the ice creams. These forms of the chocolates are costly.


The classic chocolate martini is the drink in which the chocolate liquor is used. Most of the people will like to order the chocolate flavored drinks. But in case of the bar there will be no chocolate form of the drinks to fulfill the chocolate lover’s need the chocolate martini drink has been emerged, in which this drink has the vodka and the cream which will make the drink perfect for drinking.

Making of the chocolate martini

Chocolate martini is the drink in which it has the blend of the vodka which makes the people who are drinking in the bar to enjoy the chocolate drink. In earlier days the drinks are not available in variety. But now the drinks are available in many flavors that will make the person to taste the variety of the drinks. After using this drink the visitors will be surprised at the same time the drink will be amazing to drink.


The ingredients of the chocolate martini are vodka, chocolate liquor, cream, chocolate syrup. This is the simple recipe and the people will love to drink this recipe because of the chocolate flavor that is used in this drink. The first thing  that should be done while serving the drink is, add the chocolate sauce in the plate and dip the chocolate sauce in the mouth of the cup in which you are going to serve the drink.


In the mixer add the 3/4 ounces of the cream, 8 ounces of the chocolate liquor and 2 ounces of the vodka into the mixer and stir it well. Close the mixer and shake the mixture such that the mixture will mix together in the bottle. After mixing it finely pours it in the glass in which the mouth of the glass is dipped with the chocolate syrup. While drinking the chocolate martini with the glass, you will feel chocolatier due to the chocolate syrup that is coated in the mouth of the glass.


Drinking the chocolate martini cool

The chocolate martini that is prepared can be drunk cool or it can be drunk as such depending on the wish of the individual. This chocolate martini is a cool drink in which the people can enjoy the taste of the chocolate. Make sure that you are drinking the martini once after preparing it. You cannot keep the martini for sometime after the preparation this will not give the exact taste of the martini. This drink is the cool chocolate drink which will be fine to drink.